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We are experts in converting your business goals into actionable websites and web based applications. Given below are some of our core services.

Web Design & Development

We are adept at designing websites that is in line with your brand and appropriate to your target audience. We develop websites keeping in mind the aesthetics and usability factor. We want the users to find the exact information that they want in the shortest possible time without having to navigate for too long. We ensure that the site design is compatible to viewing in desktop, laptop, smart phone and tablet across multiple browsers.

Website being the face of your business, it should stand out and rank high in search engines to hit the eyes of your prospective customers. With our expert web designers, technological expertise and business acumen to create powerful web solutions that helps you to attract more traffic, more page views and ultimately to achieve more conversions.

We service clients ranging from small to medium sized companies to large corporate houses and created scores of personal, business, public, directory, e-commerce, government and academic websites.

Application Development

Being an experienced and matured team, we can create application solutions for all your business needs; for any type of applications, viz., windows, web, mobile and iPads. We are experts in handling PHP projects. We combine the right tools to deliver right solutions to help enhance your business.

Translating your business need into an actionable application solution is one of our key strengths. Our best-of-the-breed technology team ensures seamless solution integration of application developments. We adopt the most efficient, scalable, logical, user-friendly and cost-effective approach to web application development.

Mobile Application

We at leadingcoders have the capability to power mobile devices with Android based applications and games. Our deep insights in Android SDK allow us to handle any type of projects from business application development to gaming to enterprise software development.

Be it a small stand-along application or a large application solution that requires seamless integration with your database structure, we are game for it. Whether it is about developing custom applications from ground up or modifying or enhancing existing Android apps, you get only the best from us.

With our expert mobile developers we are comfortable in developing mobile application development in Android and iOS.

Mobile application

Design & Branding

As Unique as Your Face or Your Fingerprints

A good branding is vital to creating a positive first impression in the minds of the target customer and helps the customers connect with the brand instantly. The brand design should be unique, striking and should reflect the personality, character, dynamism and quality of the product / service it is standing for.

Define Yourself without Saying a Word

Our team of logo and branding designers are expert in creating power branding solutions that are appealing, memorable and appropriate to the category of business. We ensure our branding designs are consistent with your company's image and the market it is operating. We deliver comprehensive branding solutions that can be effectively accommodated across multiple media.

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